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  • One Thing About God Bible Study Chapter 5
    One Thing About God Bible Study Chapter 5

    Chapter 5 – The God I Wish You Knew Summary This blog series focused on overcoming the 5 most common misconceptions about God; Distant God (far away, not interested), Grandfather God (nice but old and out of touch), Schoolteacher God (someone you need to please and avoid punishment from), Angry/Judgmental God (all about right and…

  • One Thing About God Bible Study Chapter 4

    Hey guys, The One Thing About God Bible Study for Chapter 4 is below. Summary The chapter talks about how the one thing applies to us spreading the word of God and building the kingdom through evangelism. I related our evangelism efforts to my sales experience and made a statement that Christian evangelism is suffering…

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They call me the Christian Justin Timberlake. CJT for short. Wait. No they don't. But I do have a massive following like him...ok that's not true either. I'm just a regular guy who wants to help others get to know who God really is. I'm not trying to convert you to some religion. I'm not trying to get you to give me some money. So just sit back, relax and enjoy.

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