• Serenity Now…Insanity Later.
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    After my graduation from Bible school last week, I was reminded of a few previous classes I went to school with and some of the students I knew from them. As I thought about where they are now, I noticed that not all of them continued on in the walk with God. Some of them…

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  • God’s Body Language
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    I had the privilege of seeing Bertie Brits preach live a few times while he was in Chicago a couple of weeks ago.  He is one of the best preachers of the Gospel around in my opinion, so if you are not familiar, I would highly recommend listening to some of his teachings at www.dynamicministries.com. …

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  • Guest Blog By Rick Malone: Fellowship With God
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    This week I am blessed to have Rick Malone guest posting for me. For those who don’t know Rick, he is a graduate of Charis Bible College. I have known him for a few years now. His smile lights up the room and he is an absolute pleasure to fellowship with. You can really notice…

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  • What Are You Gonna Do Now? (Graduation Speech)
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    Well Praise God I finally made it through. 4 years of part-time classes, since 2012 and it all came to an end this past Saturday. It seemed like such a long time when I first started, but it did go by very quickly. Graduation isn’t for another few weeks, but I wanted to write a…

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