Grace Roundup Week of 4/23/17

Grace Roundup Week of 4/23/17

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4/23 – We Don’t Die

Jesus has always been God’s Word. From the beginning. It didn’t change from OT to NT.

The problem is mankind was sold under sin and couldn’t understand God’s language. God’s language was spirit and life but we were thinking carnally, thus the misunderstanding.

God has only ever spoken Jesus, even in the OT. His Word has only ever been spirit and life.

We tend to think more like we have a contract w God, rather than Abba, this strips the relational aspect out of God.

We’ve made it seem as if God doesn’t live from His heart but a legal agreement.

God is the Good Samaritan. The serpent is the one who left us bloodied on the street through his wisdom of sin. This God is revealed in the OT, Jesus saw this.

If we struggle to trust Him it’s bc we aren’t seeing Him for who He is.

It’s like trying to trust a serial killer bc you have a contract with them (the way we have been thinking of our relationship w God). Would that work?

** Like when playing bball, just want refs to call the game consistent. If they don’t we don’t feel stability in how to play, can I put my hands on him or not…the rules may say you can put your hands on his back but the ref might keep blowing the whistle. Knowledge of the rules won’t help if the ref is not consistent. God is consistent, which allows us to know how to live life.

God giving the law was like if there was somebody behind you with a knife and Him saying watch out behind you, then He came and took that guy out.

Deut. is Moses giving the children of Israel one last exhortation before going into the land. They didn’t do anything to get. God wanted to give one final encouragement to them bc Moses wasn’t going with them. Everything they got from God was from His grace not their works. Ch. 4 & 5 talk about the statue of walking in God’s law which is trusting in Him, not having idols (worshiping the works of your own hands).

You can sum up the whole OT by saying the God was teaching them not to trust in themselves and their own strength.

We’ve confused the way sin was dealing with man in the OT with the way God dealt with man in the OT. Sin was reigning over ppl and serving them with death and a God who was all the time trying to persuade them that He will save them. We’ve confused it to say God is serving ppl with dead.

A covenant is a revelation of a truth, not a contract.


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