18 Mile Chapters Revealed

18 Mile Chapters Revealed

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Below is a sneak peak of the chapters in 18 Mile. It turned out that Eminem song titles really fit for the first few chapter so I tried to run with that theme as much as I could. Only 5 chapter titles don’t have Eminem song titles in them. Can you spot them? As a reminder, 18 Mile will be released one week from today on Tuesday July 18th.

18 Mile Chapters List


Ch. 1 – White America (10 Miles Away)

Ch. 2 – Cleaning Out My Closet

Ch. 3 – Hi My Name Is

Ch. 4 – The Aftermath

Ch. 5 – The Way I Am

Ch. 6 – Lose Yourself

Ch. 7 – Rock Bottom

Ch. 8 – Spend Some Time

Ch. 10 – Going Through Changes

Ch. 11 – For The Love

Ch. 12 – Guess Who’s Back – Guilty Conscious

Ch. 13 – A Place Called There

Ch. 14 – Dead Wrong – Looking on the Heart

Ch. 15 – No Love – Freedom From Offense, Rejection & Unforgiveness

Ch. 16 – Infinite Confident Expectation

Ch. 17 – Conclusion

Ch. 18 – Key Takeaways

Title Track

Here’s a little promo song I recorded with my fellow 18 Miler Charlie Beans. It takes you through the transformation in my life that I talk about in the book. The progression of my mindset that went from lusting for life, to hearing about and considering the alternative of life with God, to being fully persuaded and making a decision for Christ.

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