Grace Roundup Easter Sunday 4/16/2017

Grace Roundup Easter Sunday 4/16/2017

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4/16 – Easter Message – Christ in You the Hope of Glory

Col 1 started w – think it was verse 26-28

Christ in you the hope of glory – you have the same glory, through faith in Jesus, the spirit of the son can dwell in you giving a certainty and confident expectation that the same glory shown in Jesus will be revealed in you.

What is the glory of Christ becomes the question – John 17 – Jesus prayed to the Father to glory Him that He may glorify the Father. Whatever the glory is would be revealed in the resurrection.

Romans 1:4 – Paul said that Jesus was revealed to be the son of God w power in the resurrection.

The glory of Christ is that he was revealed to be the son of God in the flesh.

What does it mean that He was revealed to be the son of God as a human? You would posses all the attributes that God possesses in human flesh. For example, if the Father has eternal life, immortality, etc, then for a son to be revealed He would have to have those same things in a human body.

Luke 2 – Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and in favor w God and man – the Father and Holy Spirit nurtured Jesus up into the truth about who He was and where the life He had came from . They grew Him in His understanding of who He was. They taught him about the life He had.

We’ve already attained a good report- this is the confidence Jesus walked in and that we can walk in to. That kind of swag is what we have too.

You begin living as if nothing is impossible when you are nurtured up into who you are.

You’ve already won. The devil tries to convince you that you don’t have the trophy already.

God has gotten the monkey off our back. We could never prove we had eterenal life, God came and won for us. He established the truth about the life we have. The monkey was I don’t have a good report and we couldn’t attain it. The monkey is gone. Amen.

Jay Jenkins Notes From The Same Easter Message By Greg Henry

Monday, April 17, 2017 Christ in you – the hope of glory (Best Easter message I ever heard!!!!) – Christ in you, the hope of glory… – What do these words mean?? – Col 1:25-27 25 Whereof I am made a minister, according to the dispensation of God which is given to me for you, to fulfil the word of God; 26 Even the mystery which hath been hid from ages and from generations, but now is made manifest to his saints: 27To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory: • When pastors and teachers get up and preach every week – this is the message that should be heard!! • Put on faith in this life – the resurrection life • We are persuaded that the life of Jesus is OUR life! –

What is the “glory of Christ”? • John 17:1 These words spake Jesus, and lifted up his eyes to heaven, and said, Father, the hour is come; glorify thy Son, that thy Son also may glorify thee: • The glory of Jesus was to be revealed at the resurrection • Rom 1:3-4 3 Concerning his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, which was made of the seed of David according to the flesh; 4And declared to be the Son of God with power, according to the spirit of holiness, by the resurrection from the dead: – Jesus was raised unto immortality as a human being, full of glory • This statement has huge implications – but what does it mean? • We possess all the attributes that God possessed in human flesh – All that the Father has, was revealed in a human body – eternal life, immortality, glory, honor, splendor, a co-heir, etc. – The Son possessed all these characteristics in a human body – There was a word in the Father’s heart about Jesus and His life • This word was filled with glory • This life cannot die, He will live forever – this life was revealed in the resurrection – This is the glory of Christ • If you have seen the Father, you have seen the Son and vice versa – This was revealed in the resurrection – Through faith Christ dwells in each of us, giving us a certainty that all that was revealed in Christ in the resurrection would be made manifest in us! • The Father has always had a word about who we are, a good word. – That we are full of splendor, beauty and brightness! The beauty of our life will be revealed for all creation to see and nothing can conquer it – nothing can stop it!! • The implications of this statement are amazing!!! • This statement has a profound effect on the human heart • It affects how we see the world around us • Jesus on earth – filled with the hope of glory, the certainty of the word of the Father about His life. That life, that word, would be manifested in Him, nothing could stop it from manifesting!!

– How did this happen to Jesus?? • Because of the hope of glory!!! • How did the hope of glory get ”into” Jesus?? – Luke 2: 52 And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man. – Another profound statement for all of us to consider • The Father and the Holy Spirit nurtured Jesus, the Son, in the truth of Who He was and where His life came from – Jesus grew in the understanding of Who He was and where His life came from. This was not a solitary (Jesus alone) activity… the Father and the Holy Spirit were comforting Him and nurturing Him into the stature of His Sonship! – This is key: He did not think about the life He had in this world. He only thought about the life He had from the Father, the life that was from the beginning! • He did not think about whether He was Jewish, a male, a carpenter, or anything that is of this world. (See Proverbs) • The Father and Holy Spirit talked with Him about who He was from the beginning, NOT who He was in the earth • Be aware that the serpent also wants to nurture and teach us too… don’t be taught by this spirit… This is the word of the world about our identity and it tells us that we lack and that we must do to become. – The Father and Spirit nurtured Jesus about the life He had – how all that exists came from Him! Imagine Jesus walking the earth and the Father and Spirit telling Him – “You created this, and that and oh, look over here at what a glorious thing you created!”!!! Can you imagine what Jesus felt in His heart as the Father was telling Him these things?!? • This filled Jesus with the hope of glory! His faith was not in the world but in the life He possessed from the beginning! – It is critical for us to see our life coming from the Father and not from the world – Ask yourself – Can something add/subtract anything from the life of the Father? NO! Then neither can it add/subtract anything from our life!! – Jesus did not consider the life in the world – He rested in the life He possessed from the Father – This is the same way we are persuaded of the life we possess! • This impacted all that Jesus saw and did 2 Monday, April 17, 2017 • He walked in newness of life – so can we!!! – We are persuaded that we have life – we walk with a swagger!! A confident expectation that overcomes all things! • Example: Michael Jordan walking onto the basketball court. The Fonz walking into the malt shop with a swagger! – They walked with the “Jesus swagger” – the hope of glory! – Jesus life in Him – conquered all sickness, all death, all sin and all kinds of earthly stuff. He drew people to Him by His life! • Nothing could add or subtract from His life in this world – nothing could be added or subtracted from the life of the Father, which was in Jesus – AND is in us!!! – He was not subject to the sin and death of this world – it was subject to HIM!!! – Likewise, our lives are not subject to sin and death – sin and death are subject to us!!! – BUT – we have been raised in this world, in the word that this world speaks about our lives and because of that, we fall into believing what that word says about us. It appears to have a hold on us, but this is not true!! We are free from the word of the world about us, and we are possessors of the life of the Father which has overcome the world!!!! – Jesus had joy about all things!! • In all things He is an overcomer! Nothing can stop Who He is from manifesting. He lives from, “I AM!”! • Tell others that you are in “I AM!”, just like the Father!! The Father’s life dwells in us!! – Because of the hope of glory, Jesus was filled with the certainty of seeing glory and light manifesting. It anchored His soul. He was certain that He would overcome all! • Because we possess the very same life, we never need to wonder if anything can destroy the life we possess! – We live as if life is uncertain because we have been taught more about our life in the world than life in Christ!! We even keep “score” to validate if our life is good or not! – BUT – we have already attained to a good report about our life!!! The Father has already told us that He is well pleased with us! We already have an incorruptible, eternal life as a son/daughter of the Most High!! – Christ in you, the hope of glory • God did all He did for Jesus, so the Holy Spirit could do the same for us!!! We have the same hope of glory that Jesus has! – Don’t look to this world for life eternal – Look to Jesus and the resurrection as proof of the eternal, incorruptible life we already possess!! • His life is my life! • Experience life from the foundation of knowing that sin and death have been overcome – the life of the One Who created the universe is in us! Our life 3 Monday, April 17, 2017 comes from the Father!! Our thoughts become “lofty thoughts”. We are able to overcome all things!!! – In the same way the Father and Holy Spirit nurtured Jesus – the Father, Son and Spirit nurture us!! It is the same for both cases!! That should make your heart sing with joy!!! The Godhead nurtures us so that we know that we possess a life in us that has overcome all the sin and death and tribulation in the world! – The Father saw that mankind was living in a world with no hope • He filled Jesus with the hope of glory • Jesus, in the resurrection, demonstrates to the world what the life of the Father can do in us! • Now our foundation for life is established in the fact that we can do ALL things that Jesus has done! BAM! • The Father’s word to Jesus overcame the world – we have that same word dwelling in us! • Can the Father be conquered by the world?? NO!!! Then we cannot be conquered by the world! – We can feel pressed in upon by the circumstances of the world, but the life we have in these earthen vessels cannot be taken away from us. Sin and death have no power over us. Our life cannot be touched by sin and death! – The Father has come to sit with us wherever we are, to fellowship with us about this truth, the certainty of being an overcomer! • The burden of persuasion of this fact is upon God, not upon us! • Set your affection on who you are in Him • He gives us a boldness in the face of all tribulation •

We can walk differently, full of the confident expectation that we have overcome all things – we can walk with our “Jesus swagger”!!! – Example: In sports players often get a “monkey on their back” when they fail to perform to their expected level of play… • When you win the game, you get the monkey off your back. When that happens, you play better, with more confidence. • God has taken the “monkey off our backs”!! • God won the game for us, establishing the truth who we really are! • He poured out the Spirit to nurture and raise us up in the truth of who we are, our true identity! • The monkey is gone because of the resurrection!! • We now have the confident expectation of a glorious

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