Grace Roundup Week of 1/29/17

Grace Roundup Week of 1/29/17

Grace Roundup Week of 1/29/17

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Greg Henry’s Message

My Notes

You can’t understand the wrath of God from the wrath of man.

** The wrath of God is that in his passion to have eternal life with man, God has come and judged against the serpent and his wisdom as a way to life. This sets the people who he sees as precious free.

It’s not about God coming to retributively come against man.

The way we define these things will be like a paintbrush painting the image we have of God in our hearts. Then that image we have shapes the image we have with God and how we relate to Him.

We relate to one another based on what we have in our hearts.

Ezekiel prophesied about a time when God would come and sanctify himself and set himself apart as Abba, not Zeus.

Our image of God looks more like the Greek God Zeus many times.

Romans 2:1 –

Romans is writing to a church that had both Jews and Gentiles. Some had a background of the law of Moses and some didn’t.

Chapter 2 he’s talking to the Jews in love. Telling them you can’t find life bc of your skin. You can’t escape God’s judgment that you can’t have life through the strength of the flesh.

The judgment of God is for all people, to vindicate them. God giving a decree. Him revealing His opinion concerning a matter. Him revealing the truth about something that had got crooked.

He’s not coming to condemn, but to set free.

Jesus is the truth that is the way unto life. That is the judgment of God.


** Romans 1 – Paul said he’s not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ bc God has revealed that in Christ is the power to save ppl from death. He’s seen God’s decree that in Christ is the power to be raised up into eternal life. God has also judged about the unrighteousness of men…where we get it twisted…we immediately think of the fruit and not the root…Paul is talking about the root that produces unrighteousness not the fruit. It speaks of men believing on iniquity for life. Meaning God has come and said that thing can’t give you life…it’s killing you. Iniquity is a wisdom that produces the works of the flesh. Take the axe to the root. If there is a tree in your yard that you don’t like the fruit it’s producing, you take an axe to the root. Iniquity is talking about a system of thought, the corrupted wisdom of Lucifer. Ezekiel 28, the fallen angel, the accuser…He corrupted his wisdom, that is the iniquity. What was the corrupted wisdom? He looked at His beauty and strength and said I’m going to exalt myself and not God.

Man thought the way to life is to bring forth the good fruit to the great farmer of God and he would then say “well done good and faithful servant”. It sounds like the right way. We are blinded to the truth. God came to reveal the truth so that those who don’t see, might see. Another aspect of the judgment of God.

Judgment came so we could see what God says about a matter and we could say, ah I’ve regained my sight.

We’ve regained a lot of our sight just in the last 50-60 years. That is from God’s judgment.

The manifestation of the judgment of God came in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.

** Jesus became the death that is the result of eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil…so that we could see this wisdom is not from God and it’s unto death. So we could behold it clearly. He is saying you guys think what you are doing brings you life….behold it does not…it brings death. So now we don’t have to guess…we see it in Jesus.

** Like a father teaching a son about how fire will kill him. The son is blinded to the thing. But the son can never get it if they are young. So the father says, I’m going to put my hand in the fire so you can see what it does. Now the son sees the father’s judgment about the fire. That is like what the father did in Jesus.

God also has a judgment and opinion about man. Man was also blind to this. Part of God’s judgment is that he reveals what he believes about man. John 17 prayer, He had authority over all flesh…glorify me so that it may reveal your opinion of all people.

The judgment of God about people is that you are beautiful. He wants to save your life.

The judgment of God about people is that you are beautiful. He wants to save your life. ~ Greg Henry Click To Tweet

Zech. 3:1-5 –

** Satan is the one coming against man, not God. God has NEVER been the one against man. He has always been our advocate…not just when Jesus was raised. An everlasting love and kindness he gathered us to himself…without beginning or end.

Satan is the one coming against man, not God. God has NEVER been the one against man. ~ Greg Henry Click To Tweet

If someone comes against Greg’s wife, he will come in with his judgment about her beauty.

John 12:31 – now is the judgment of this world // now shall the prince of the world be judged…this is Satan. The judgment against Satan is the judgment of the world.

The prince of this world had something against us in death. Jesus came and took back the keys of death from Satan. Satan no longer has the keys and what that means is that Satan had something in us through death that he no longer has.

We were all our days in bondage bc of our fear of death. Says this in Hebrews. This fear would put us in bondage to all injustice, works of the flesh, etc.

Jesus said the prince of this world comes for me but he has nothing in me. Even if he saw death manifesting in his flesh, he knew he had eternal life dwelling in his body.

It’s not God who will condemn anyone to death…it’s their own hearts. In God is only light, there is no darkness or death in him. He can’t be the giver of life and death. A house divided against itself can’t stand.

John 5:22-24  – the father judgeth no man

John 3:17 – the son doesn’t come to the world to condemn it but to save it

Jesus is God’s judgment come in the flesh. God’s judgment didn’t come to condemn the world but that through God’s judgment the world could be saved.

John 12:47-48 – Jesus talking – If any man hear my words and believe me not, I judge him not for I came not to judge the world but to save it.

If you go and put your hand in the garbage disposal it’s not your parents who told you about it who are condemning you…it’s the garbage disposal.

It’s just a fact that Jesus is the only way to life. If you don’t want that life that he gives for free then the only result is death.

If you hardened your heart to the truth, your heart stores up wrath against you.

God didn’t judge Adam. Adam’s heart judged against himself. He judged himself unworthy of God’s love. All the while God was still coming after him, “Adam where are you?”

Bertie Brits Message


Some grace quotes from the week:

“If people only realized how innocent they were before the Father – they would effortlessly begin to act that way. If they were fully convinced that God was for them all the time and not against them – they would look for His goodness around every corner. If they only knew how deeply He loved them – they would always feel a sense of security. Life would become less of a roller coaster and more of a smooth, straight highway…a wonderful ride! This is the truth about you – enjoy living life with Him!” ~ Bob Woods

“You don’t have to “make it” happen, you can’t really …His yoke is EASY and His burden is light…” ~ Dawn Warner

God’s promise is that we have always been worth loving.~ Jen Bantner

It’s the love of God that persuades the heart of man to believe you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. ~ Jen Bantner





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