Grace Roundup Week of 1/8/17

Grace Roundup Week of 1/8/17

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Hey Everybody,

Since I’m not blogging every week anymore but still have a passion to spread the Gospel, I figured I post some info I gathered throughout the week in one convenient place. Hope you are blessed.


Greg Henry Message

The God Who Brings Hope

A few notes I took while listening:

  • God desires for our lives to be shaped by hope. That you would have a giddiness and confident expectation. That you have a certainty that you will see life manifest in you and there is nothing that can stop it.
  • Gave example of kids on Christmas having a confident expectation of Santa coming and bringing them what they want and good things.
  • If you feel hopeless you are considering the death all around you. There is no hope in the world. It can’t bring you out of the grave.
  • The life of God is like Rocky, nothing in this universe can keep it down. That life is in us. Nothing can keep us down.
  • Questions to help you experience the persuasion of God:
  • What is it that you want to see happen?
  • Does God want to see the same thing happen?
  • Do you have the ability in and of yourself to guarantee that will happen?
  • Has God guaranteed that it will happen?
  • Who would you rather trust – you and your ability or God and His ability?

Bertie Brits Message

The Love of God & No Condemnation


A few grace quotes from this week:

Bob Woods started the year on fire in my opinion. Here are a few of his Facebook posts:

“People act exactly the same way they feel God is being toward them. If you see judgmental, criticizing, angry folks then we need to understand that this is the way they feel the Father is interacting with them. They view him as a task master and judge who watches their every move.

Alternatively, if we see people striving to love, embracing others just as they are – they understand and know the true God. They’ve looked behind the curtain and saw a loving Father who has already provided all we would ever need.

Our actions are fruits of our belief system.” ~ Bob Woods

“Many seek out new, exciting revelations about the Father. He on the other hand sticks to the fundamentals. Christ and Him crucified. Simplicity. Minimalist. Yet full provision comes from it. KISS.” ~ Bob Woods

“Our confident expectation is not because it’s a new year. It’s not because we’ve started our year with fasting, praying or reading the Bible in a year. Our confident expectation is in Christ and Him alone. Peek around every corner and you’ll see the goodness of our Father! He’s the rock that has already rocked your world – expect good things to happen to you today because that’s what He set in motion over 2,000 years ago! His love for you transcends all.” ~ Bob Woods

“Chase your passion, never chase money. Enjoy the process, don’t just obsess over the end goal.” ~ Bob Woods

Bertie Brits shares…

Bertie but what if my situation does not change? What if it becomes worse? What if.. What if.. What if..

“All what ifs” eventually ends in “what if I die, what if life is taken from me?” Here is the answer. Jesus overcame death and every thing that leads to it. The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in Jesus. Thanks be to God for the resurrection and the manner in which it took place. Jesus lost it all. He lost his friends, he lost everything when He was hanging naked on a cross dying in front of his enemies laughing at Him. Even when the worst happened and death actually set in He spoke to the father and said “My Spirit I give into your hands”. He said that His life was in the hand of the Father.

What did Father do. He restored the life of Jesus unto Him, in an eternal way that man cannot imagine and this is the WORD OF GOD to mankind.

We are so loved. ~ via Dawn Warner’s Facebook Page

Celebrating the GIFT OF YOU today, you are our Father’s gift to us all!!! Every part of you is hand crafted perfection!! Our Father is in awe of the beauty of you…
Have a great day enjoying Jesus enjoying you!!! Happy Sunday!

“I will offer You my grateful heart, for I am Your unique creation, filled with wonder and awe. You have approached even the smallest details with excellence; Your works are wonderful; I carry this knowledge deep within my soul.”
Psalm 139:14 VOICE ~ via Dawn Warner’s Facebook Page

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