Grace Roundup Week of 2/19/17

Grace Roundup Week of 2/19/17

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Grace For Marriage 2/19/14

God is everybody’s Prince Charming. Doesn’t mean you can’t fall in love with others still though.

Being married doesn’t mean someone is more blessed than somebody else.

If you look to the other person for everything, that’s going to kill them and you. They can’t be your God.

Eph. 5:20

He doesn’t cause spouses to walk in love by saying to love…he doesn’t command, he supplies.

Go back to Eph. 5:1 – starts w just love betw.  People then gets into marriage. Verse 1 or 2 also says walk in love as Christ has loved us…when he gets to the marriages he is continuing to build on that thought.

As Christ has loved us…notice as…what is he talking about? The way in which Christ found love manifesting out of Him.

Ppl give up and separate themselves when they see they can’t make the other person happy.

We blame others for the emptiness we feel bc of the unrealistic expectations we place on them (like them being our savior instead of God).

It’s not fair to put the burden of our happiness on our spouses

The reason fights happen is bc ppl feel their needs aren’t being met.

We have to be at a place where we can see our innocence first. We were both deceived, but now we can rejoice in the Father setting us free.

Don’t focus on the fruit, focus on the word God has spoken to us in Christ.


“God has no desire to “use” you for His purposes or His Kingdom. How can you trust someone that uses people? His only desire is to have a deep, intimate relationship with us. Anything else that is pushing you to find your purpose is religious and evil.

Carry on…….” ~ Bob Woods

“There’s much joy and good things to experience while on your journey not just when you reach your destination. Enjoy the journey!” ~ Jen Bantner

“If I ever pop up in your mind negatively, dont worry, your not a hater. Thats just satan trying to discredit the Jesus in me. Carry on.” ~ Rick Malone


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