Grace Roundup Week of 2/5/17

Grace Roundup Week of 2/5/17

Grace Roundup Week of 2/5/17

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Greg had a guest speaker last week at Gospel Revolution Church and he was awesome. His name is Jeremiah Johnson. You can follow him on Facebook here. My notes from his message are below.

My Notes

2 Cor. 4:3  – even if our Gospel is veiled…// God wants the world to know who He is bc He is love. When you find out how much God loves you and how powerful His heart is towards you, you start to fall in love with Him.

Father God is just like Jesus. If you really see Jesus, you fall in love.

You couldn’t keep sinners away from Jesus. They were attracted to Him.

You couldn’t keep sinners away from Jesus. They were attracted to Him. ~ Jeremiah Johnson Click To Tweet

The enemy is trying to keep Jesus hidden, making them think it’s about self-rightoueness and morality…that’s not it. The Gospel is a message of forgiveness…that leads to morality.

Truth starts to cut through man-made religion to unleash love. The purpose of truth is to unleash love. Love will drive out fear and set you free.

The purpose of all this truth is to lead you to an encounter and a relationship.

When you know the love of Christ you will be filled with the fullness of God.

God will jump around some doctrine to love you if He needs to.

Jesus wants you to live in a perpetual hug.

Jesus wants you to live in a perpetual hug. ~ Jeremiah Johnson Click To Tweet

God has never loved you more than He does now, but you can only live in it if you believe it. That’s what good teaching is for.

Sin doesn’t short circuit the love and grace of God. Sin is a step outside of love…just selfishness.

How do we unleash love? Proper teaching will allow you to maintain that embrace of love. Even thought we don’t feel it, it doesn’t change the reality that He does love us and it never changes.

1 John 4:19 – we love bc He first loved us. // Him is italicized.

He will love the hell out of us. He will set us free from ourselves and other people’s opinions of you.

God thinks you’re awesome whether you’re pastor does or not.

God thinks you’re awesome whether you’re pastor does or not. ~ Jeremiah Johnson Click To Tweet

Let God love you and really care about others…it’s not about you. When you are self-focused you begin to get depressed and have pity parties or get real prideful.

God wants to set you free from yourself. When you start to live for something other than yourself is when you really start to live. If you are only living for yourself you’re just surviving.

God wants to set you free from yourself. If you are only living for yourself you’re just surviving. ~ JJ Click To Tweet

The enemy does his best work through man-made religion.

The enemy tries to sterilize the reformation movement and remove love from it. 1 Cor 13 –

Be careful not to present the msg of grace in pride. Don’t be a grace snob. It becomes nullified if we are not sharing it out of love.

If we’re not careful we will find it easier to minister grace to the lost then the church.

Faith is still important but you have to put it in context of grace. Don’t want to hear about your love but God’s love for you. Then something that never fails goes through your life. Then you can become the Annaniasa’s to the Paul’s.

** What frustrates love? #1 thing that frustrates love in your life is you not understanding and receiving how much God loves you. You can’t pour out what you don’t receive first. #2 Pride. It’s the only thing that frustrates grace.

What frustrates love? Not understanding how much God loves you & pride. ~ Jeremiah Johnson Click To Tweet

The enemy tries to frustrate grace preachers with pride.

Knowledge doesn’t build up, loves does.

** Your spirituality is not determined by what you do in church. It’s not determined by your gifting. It’s determined by how you treat the people around you.

1 Cor. 13 – describes love

** When loves flows through you ppl actually start to encounter Jesus

When loves flows through you people actually start to encounter Jesus. ~ Jeremiah Johnson Click To Tweet

** If you’re doing things to impress ppl or God it’s a dead work.

Prideful ppl are not happy. You have to prove to everybody how awesome you are. Then you get offended and bitter towards others. Pride will make you miserable to be around.

** We have a tendency to compare. It’s miserable to try to be like somebody else. Can’t nobody do you like you can do you. We do injustice to ourselves, others around us and God when we try to be like others and compare ourselves to them. Love won’t be flowing like it should.

We do injustice to ourselves, others around us & God when we try to be like others. ~ JJ Click To Tweet

Romans 12 – let love be w out hypocrisy. If you try to love like others it’s loving in hypocrisy…what’s in your heart and on your face are two different things.

** The way you love will be different from somebody else. Don’t let that discourage you. Some love by telling the truth, some want to encourage, some give, etc.

2nd time

You can’t win a win with only aerial. You need ground troops too. Meaning we all need a local church. An opportunity to walk in love. God is raising up local churches so we can see what it really looks like.

** God reserved the honor of revealing himself to Jesus, not the prophets…they only gave a shadow.

The devil can’t afford for Jesus to be revealed. Our job as believers is to help reveal the son of God to the earth and relationship with God. This is why we teach what we teach…to discover the truth in Jesus.

We are progressively learning more about God and seeing how awesome He is.

The primary bondage of man is fear but love sets us free from that.

In order to stay in the hug of Jesus we need renewed minds. Then we will be in a perpetual hug.

The most important thing is you receive the love to you, then He wants to love through you.

Don’t hang your hat on what others think of you…including your pastor.

Even if we have great doctrine it becomes nullified if not shared in love.

The enemy tries to sterilize the Gospel by removing love from the one’s sharing it.

** No human being is your enemy. We don’t war against flesh and blood but the enemy. No need to persecute your persecutors.

Some dudes will Nicodemus you on the DL J, but not if you’re not sharing in love. They will come to you on the down low and say hey tell me about this grace stuff.

True maturity is love to you and through you.

** The Gospel cuts the legs out from underneath dead works. You no longer do things to impress ppl and/or God. You actually care for people, not just try to act like you do.

** There is no greater freedom then getting free from trying to please ppl for your own identity and confidence.

You can’t think you’re better than someone and love them at the same time. Pride can keep you from living the Gospel.

Bertie Brits’ Message


Some grace quotes from the week:

When Jesus looks at you He has no suspicious thoughts He can only see Himself in you. ~ Jen Bantner

Be free from feeling like you’re not doing enough by trusting in God’s leading. What you see in your heart to do just do. ~ Jen Bantner

Yes salvation was meant to provide everlasting life but it also is meant to facilitate a intimate, personal relationship with the Father. Any rules we apply to that relationship defeats the goal of intimacy. ~ Bob Woods

When we experience the love of the Father, we can’t help but to love on others in the same way. ~ Bob Woods

Don’t break your head over identifying wrong beliefs in your life all the time. It will tire you out. Listen to the truth about your life in Jesus and you will have the correct belief anyway. Jesus is not about identifying wrong beliefs but introducing the correct belief.
~ Bertie Brits

In Christ you can’t blow it! #livingfromfreedom ~ Greg Henry

God has never been ashamed of you. He has never been ashamed to call you His own. He has never known you according to your works. He has never confused you with anything you may have done. His face shines like the Son in adoration at the thought of you! ~ Greg Henry


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