Grace Roundup Week of 3/19/17

Grace Roundup Week of 3/19/17

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Extravagant Forgiveness – Denise Henry 3/19/17

Going to be smashing lies about forgiveness. Those lies have put us in bondage and hurt our relationship with God. Looking at forgivensess from God’s point of view.

** Definition of forgive – to send away, to separate. // What it is that is sent away? The behavior is sent away. God doesn’t connect behavior to ppl. It’s sent away from the person it manifested out of.

** From our perspective it’s like I was mad but not anymore. God never was angry with us. He never judged us by our actions. If he did that would mean he was living in the devil’s belief system.

Identity and value is based on God and not behavior.

Gen 2:9 – every tree was good, including the tree of good and evil // the lie that gets smashed…God didn’t plant something evil to test man. Isn’t that good to know?

Ez. 28:13-15 –

** The behavior comes from a wrong belief system not the person. God sees this.

We’re not supposed to produce Godly fruit in our own strength.

Those who know they can do nothing in their own strength are the greatest in God’s kingdom. Peter didn’t quite get this…remember when he asked how times should he forgive others? He was focused on himself and what he needs to do to be great in the kingdom of heaven. He prob thought he could forgive 7 times. Jesus persuades him that he is poor in spirit, 70 x 7. Not possible for Peter. Jesus isn’t expecting Jesus to do that. He’s simply trying to make sure he knows he can’t do it in his own strength.

** How do we know Jesus isn’t giving Peter a law? John 6 and Matt 11 give us His foundation. What should we do to work the works of God? That you believe. Did he say to forgive, pray, 10 commandments, etc.? Work of God is to believe and rest and Him and He will do the work. Matt 11 – come to me all who are heavy burdened – gives them an easy yoke – which means teaching and doctrine.

Does forgiving 70 x 7 seem easy and light?

Matt 23 – woe unto you hypocrites…you make the outside clean but within it’s dirty…cleanse the inside first. // According to Jesus their actions looked good but ignored their hearts.

** If you’re judging yourself, you’re judging others. It’s a result of the belief system in your heart. God has judged us innocent, we can choose to believe that or not. If not, He will spend our whole lifetime trying to convince us of that.

** Prodigal son – saw him innocent. A picture of how God sees us. He doesn’t see us carnally in our actions. God is able to separate us from our actions, good or bad.

** Negative behavior is only a measurement of the lies people have in the hearts. The degree to which their members have been taken captive.

Have you forgiven yourself and separated your actions from yourself. If you judge yourself anything less than 100% innocent, it shows you still have some of the enemy’s belief system in you.

DLT Romans 7:15 – What I do are the very things I don’t want to do. Those good things I want to do I don’t do. What I hate to do is the very thing I end up doing. If I end up doing the things I don’t want to do, that means the real me wants to do what is good. It’s not me doing what I hate, it’s the sin, the wrong belief system causing me to do the things I don’t want to do. I know in the flesh I’m not capable of doing the right thing. // that’s ok. The flesh isn’t able. Nobody wants to be mean to you. Nobody wants to hurt you.

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