Grace Roundup Week of 3/26/17

Grace Roundup Week of 3/26/17

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My Notes

The new heaven and earth

Rev. 21: 1-6

Is. 65 also talks about the new heaven and earth

God’s heart is fixed on bringing this thing about

The hope of God message Greg preached – he said it was like Mary McFly in the first movie and said well maybe you guys aren’t ready for this but you’re kids are going to love it…kind of ahead of time with this msg.

** Have to understand the first heaven first – when look at it in Gen. 1 – if read when he created them it talks about a sea and gulf separating heaven and earth. There is a different heaven and earth from one originally created and the way it’s different is that sea is not there anymore. It’s not bc there is 2 places, it’s that they are new bc there is no more separation.

The intent was never to have them remain separately. He always intended for the spiritual and natural realm to be one.

Day 2 is the only day that God doesn’t say it’s good at the end. There is no mention of the separation being good, not that it’s flawed but it’s not complete yet.

He made everything by speaking.



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