Grace Roundup Week of 3/5/17

Grace Roundup Week of 3/5/17

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I did a short communion speech this past Sunday so I’ll post that here:

My Outline Notes

How The Gospel Works

Cora Story – Didn’t know her but heard she spoke well of me…drew me to her. Same way the Gospel works.

God is a gentlemen. Doesn’t force Himself upon us, so the deal is He has to draw us to Him and the way He does that is by what He has said and done in Jesus.

Us in Him – there is a message in the cross and resurrection not just about Jesus, but about us as well.

Not just one time – need to continuously be hearing about the Gospel because our tendency is to go astray.

2nd part is abiding – staying there. Why it’s so important to keep hearing about Him. It keeps us abiding in Him.

John 17 – importance of union. Everything flows from there.


What happens when u hear the gospel is your heart and mind go to rest. Notice I didn’t say body. We tend to think so carnally about rest. Spiritual rest =/ physical inactivity.

Difference between living from passion vs. obligation

Define evil and love – evil – poneros – full of labors and toils. Agape love – rooted in the meaning of a shepherd who leads you into His rest.

Psalm 23:2 – He leads me by the still waters of rest. I’m going.

Greg Henry’s Message

Sermon on the Mount as God Intended It 3/5/17

If the kingdom is a gift how can we say we can bring it forth by what we do? That is what the serpent wants.

God is not busy thinking you need to get busy clothing yourself. He comes and says you can’t clothe yourself…rest in me.

Matt 11- take my yoke (doctrine) upon you. His teaching would give rest to those carrying a burden trying to obtain the kingdom of God through their works. His doctrine is easy and doesn’t put a burden on us.

If you recognize a contradiction, ask Him about it. Beatitudes vs. Matt 11…obvious contradiction. Ask him what are you saying there then?

Mourning – To mourn would be to cry out to God instead of trusting in your flesh. Father into your hands I commit my life. He was circled by death, all iniquity upon him and in the midst of it, didn’t trust in his own ability. That’s mourning. Like many times when we come to God about a sin and cry to him to help us. To see that God does not abhor the affliction of the afflicted one. He does not despise the one who finds himself in sin and death.

Psalm 22 & 23 – Jesus talking. Surrounded by the Bulls of Bashon…still talking in Psalm 23.

The meek are those who say that not by our strength but by you God and your strength will I be exalted.

To be merciful means to be filled full with the mercy of God. With the compassionate heart God felt towards you when he saw you in sin and death.

** The pure in heart – have been sprinkled clean by the blood of Jesus to the degree that they no longer define themselves by their works. Those no longer in bondage to a life of laboring and toiling. Those who know themselves as they have always been known by God. Those who don’t take into account their sins, who see themselves as innocent, who stand before God with a clear conscious.

** Think about guys who celebrate like a fool when they score a touchdown. Act like you’ve been there before. The pure in heart don’t count it as robbery that God considers you equal with Him.

Peacemaker in Greek means one who loves peace. Peace = to be set at one again, to join together. Blessed are those who celebrate and rejoice in the fact that God has set them at one again with Him. Blessed are those who love that.

All the blessed are those are saying blessed are those who trust in God to give them the kingdom as a free gift and don’t trust in their own works and ability. That’s basically what all these are saying. All of them are different aspects of this truth.

Bible Study – Shaking The Foundations

The justice of God is that he comes and gives a life sentence to death. Death is going to be executed and that is the justice of God.

We’ve been busy knowing ourselves by our sins so that’s how we think God is. He’s not. But then we go around mad at all the unbelievers and pray for the justice of God, little do we know the justice as defined above.


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