Grace Roundup Week of 4/2/2017

Grace Roundup Week of 4/2/2017

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Q & A Notes 4/2

The serpent is trying to shape the narrative like the political parties do.

The Gospel is about introducing you to the Father, then a conversation begins with Father and son.

We gather as a church to engage in this conversation, not find our purpose, figure out how to get things from God, etc.

We are there to lift each other up, not fix each other. Encourage one another in the Lord.

When you are tempted to fix it yourself, you are one step away from enlisting your own ability to try to give yourself peace instead of just resting in God.

Christ in you is the anchor. Let is the key word in Col. 3:15, don’t try to bring it about yourself.

Double minded – swayed by every wind of doctrine. Someone who is not anchored in Jesus as their hope. Bc their soul isn’t anchored in the life they have in God, they are being swayed. They try to figure out what they are doing wrong that caused this to happen.

** God doesn’t just say focus on me. He comes and shows you His beauty and that is how He brings forth focus in you.

** You don’t have to tell your dogs to focus on you, all you have to do is go get a treat. The treat is beautiful to them. There is something so beautiful about the life He has promised us. When we can see this beauty our focus gets set on Him. We don’t do it of our own volition.

Belief = to have your mind at rest in the integrity of another ~ Bertie

Religion doesn’t have the power to give you eternal life.

A person drowning doesn’t need swimming lessons or more guilt…he needs a savior.


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