Grace Roundup Week of 4/30/17

Grace Roundup Week of 4/30/17

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4/30 – His Kindness is Everlasting

Is. 54

If we think there was a time He wasn’t kind to us, that’s not everlasting. His kindness has no beginning or end.

Through Israel His goodness could be revealed. The Gentiles would be brought in through them.

** God can’t bless our union with the flesh. It will stop His dream for our lives from coming forth. He was forsaking their union with the flesh. He was turning His back on that which makes them barren.

He isn’t willing to come and bless their union w the flesh. It’s not like he’s just coming and saying no you can’t have that.

Is. 57 – like when ppl get married and they ask if anybody objects speak now or forever hold your peace. This is God speaking now. He saw his wife was fornicating with a harlot.

Rejection there is not talking about rejecting them all together, just the way they were trying to bear fruit.

The proud want to be justified by their fruit. Why does he resist them in that thing? Bc He knows that thing can never justify them. He’s accepting them as a person, but not their fornication with the flesh.

Abe wanted Ismael to be the heir. God resisted him in that thing bc he knew Abe could never be the father of many nations through the flesh, only through the spirit. He forsook the idea that Ismael could be the promised seed.

God finds his wife laying in bed w another man and he wants to show that that union will only bring death. This is the heart of God in the matter. He didn’t want them to be barren, so he wanted to purge their hearts from that which was making them barren.

God was fighting for his marriage with Israel here. He wasn’t packing his bags and leaving.

** Is. 54:7 I believe GLT – in my rejection of the wisdom of the serpent as a way unto life, I hid my face from you for a little while by putting a veil there, not because I was angry but bc I wanted to circumcise your heart from the flesh that was making you barren and serving you with death.

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