Grace Roundup Week of 4/9/2017

Grace Roundup Week of 4/9/2017

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Q & A 4/9

God enjoys you and being around you. You are God’s jam :).

If you’re not going to be yourself, then no one else will and that’s an aspect of the Father they don’t get to see. That’s not to put pressure on you, just free you to see how important it is to be yourself.

** Propitiation is God coming and taking the wages of sin on His body, in order that the wages of our sin could be satisfied. Not God’s anger. Sin brings death. What about Isaiah though? Talking about the suffering of the cross pleasing God…good question…have to understand what it is God desires…to be good to man. Propitious is the root word, means to be full of goodness and favor towards another. God had a desire to be good and kind to man. He still wanted to be kind to us, saw us enslaved by death, so what I’m gonna do is conquer the death that was conquering His ppl…that’s why God was satisfied by what happened on the cross.

Every human has a yearning to come home, to belong to someone.

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