Grace Roundup Week of 5/14/17

Grace Roundup Week of 5/14/17

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5/14 – Knowing The Love of God (Mother’s Day)

John 3:16 – Talking about the reason why God sent Jesus. Jon saw something about the way God saw man even when they were dead in their sin.

Who’s that lady song and Queen song somebody to love. This is what God had in his heart when he made man. He was looking for someone to love and someone who would take his breathe away.

How can I persuade them to let me love them with all of my being. That’s what He was thinking.

Ez. 16 – behold it’s the time of love…not how He couldn’t look upon them. They were dead but God wanted to love them for all of eternity.

You find that God has been seeking you the whole time when you find Him. You think you’ve been looking :).

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