Grace Roundup Week of 5/21/17

Grace Roundup Week of 5/21/17

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5/21 – Finding The Good Life – Denise Henry

This message is about what He is doing so you can have the good life, not about what you have to do.

God has been removing obstacles and showing us who He really is.

There is a subtle battle the rages within. The carnal thinking that we can have the good life through the things in the world.

The grass is greener – perspective we have when we don’t have God’s. If only I had those things, then I would have the good life. Example, most kids can’t wait to grow up so they can go to bed whenever they want, then the child grows up and realize they had the good life when they were kids.

So what is the good life and where does it come from? Does Jesus fit into the pic we have of the good life (the American dream)?

Where does the good life come from? Romans 8:5-7 – To be carnally minded is death, to be spiritually minded is life and peace.

The good life needs to be stable and constant no matter what is going on. There is no way the world can give that to you.

What does the good life look like? Is it absent of problems? Doesn’t everything you need for life in godliness dwell inside of you?

Think about the prodigal son…had the good life, thought he didn’t, then returned back to it. Think about Soloman, he had all the resources the pursue life in this world and found it didn’t come from that.

Imagine a life absent of fear.

Being a partaker in His divine nature is the source of the good life.

We’ve had the good life all along, it’s not on the other side of the fence. His name is Jesus (the good life).


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