Grace Roundup Week of 5/28/17

Grace Roundup Week of 5/28/17

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5/28 – The Message Jesus Preached To The World

There is no question about who the greatest preacher of all time is…Jesus. The question is what did He preach? What foundation did He lay?

If we build on the foundation he layed it will be like a tree of life. We can walk this earth like Jesus did with a Jesus swag.

Psalm 40 – a prophetic psalm where Jesus is talking. The song in David’s heart was the song in Jesus being revealed through David. He says I have come and preached righteousness, your righteousness oh God.

A preacher of righteousness is someone who declares how God has only ever been good to man.

The message He preached supplied trust, didn’t demand it.

Think about Abe. God said He would make Abe fruitful.

The design of the Gospel is to bring your heart to rest in God about His integrity towards you and your life. From there passions will be born in your heart.

Rest doesn’t speak of inactivity but the foundation from where you are acting. Don’t need to prove your worth.

So have to consider what message will cause our flesh to rest? What message has the power to do that?

2 Peter 2:5 – Noah was a preacher of righteousness. He was alive during some very dark times. He wasn’t telling ppl they needed to bring forth good fruit.

Gen 6 – God saw man’s wickedness (their laboring and toiling).

There was no cost to get on Noah’s Arc…just needed to believe. Noah was preaching the righteousness of God to preserve their life.

Righteousness speaks of one’s equitable character and one being as they ought to be. This is what Jesus came to proclaim abt God. We couldn’t see Him as the Good Samaritan, we saw him as the theif, we adopted the mind of Adam not Christ.

The reason most don’t trust God isn’t bc something is wrong w them, it’s bc they haven’t been preached to about the real God.

Jesus was a friend of sinners. He came to declare God as the lover of our lives and our savior. He declared that God will not steal from you, He’s not holding your wrongs against you, that when He find you in a place where your soul is found in sorrow that He won’t just leave you there, He will take vengeance on the thing coming against you. He won’t suffer you to see corruption.

How did Jesus do this? The word was made flesh in Jesus. John was telling us that the word Jesus preached came out of what was made flesh in Him. What does this mean?

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