Grace Roundup Week of 5/7/17

Grace Roundup Week of 5/7/17

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5/7 – Who Bruised Who

Is. 53 – what was God thinking and feeling here? What was it here that God got satisfaction out of here?

Verses 10-11 will be the focus

Gen 3:15 – God talking to the serpent. The word bruised is there. The serpent will think he’s winning but actually Jesus will be winning.

When was Jesus bruised? On the cross. Was it God or the serpent? The serpent. How do we know? God told us, but if the serpent can convince us that God was bruising us that will mess our hearts up. It will cause us to only be able to hear of God’s love but not experience it.

Is. 53 is confirming what God prophesied in Gen. 3.

God created us to understand what we believe. You can’t believe in someone you don’t understand.

** Even though God is not the one who bruised Jesus, it pleased Him that he was bruised. It’s not saying God was pleased to see Jesus suffer, not like he gets some kicks out of the suffering. God was pleased at the result that would come from the son being bruised.

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