Grace Roundup Week of 6/25/17

Grace Roundup Week of 6/25/17

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6/25 – The New Song God Puts On Our Hearts

Mankind had a song in our hearts bc of sin and darkness in the world, song was on repeat, a song we didn’t even like. It was my god my god why have you forsaken me, that was the song.

Man was thinking in the carnal mind, rather than seeing in the spirit

The new song is Abba into your hands I commit my life

Jesus found something dwelling in his heart that resisted the temptation to believe He was the forsaken of God. Bc He resisted that word he didn’t believe he was forsaken and didn’t think He needed to give himself life.

Jesus didn’t resist this temptation on His own. Holy Spirit was there guiding Him into all truth. Reminded Him that God is the Good Samaritan, that when He finds somebody bloodied like that, He will come to the rescue. Remember you are the last Adam is what Holy Spirit. You don’t have to clothe yourself, He will clothe you just like He did the first Adam.

The High Priest needs to be somebody people can identify with. You see so much of yourself in His struggle that you see something manifest in his struggle that you can say how it goes with Him is how it will go with me.

The psalms are really songs. Psalms 22 starts out saying God why have you forsaken me, but the tune is much different at the end. Then Psalms 23 goes into Abba is my Shepherd, etc.

God doesn’t demand rest He comes with a Word that supplies rest.

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