Grace Roundup Week of 6/4/17

Grace Roundup Week of 6/4/17

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6/4 – Q & A

Questions about Thomas – not supposed to be used to condemn ppl for not believing. Jesus was just teaching about how others would believe. Jesus told them a few wks earlier to not to believe if someone says they see Him in a chamber, Thomas was operating from what Jesus told him, he thought the other disciples were deceived, Matt 24:26

It is finished – the sin debt was paid is what it’s talking about. Jesus hadn’t been raised yet so it’s not that everything was finished yet.

Difference betw prophesying  and spirit of prophecy – the spirit of prophecy is talked about in Revelation but it’s not the revelation of the end times but the revelation of everything contained in the revelation. The revelation of God’s eternal purpose in Christ. Any time you say something true about Jesus you are prophesying….looking into something they see in the spirit and giving utterance to it. Beholding something in the scriptures and giving utterance to it. Telling ppl the heart of the Father which was manifested in Jesus.

God’s proposal to us doesn’t come from a place of saying I need someone to clean my apt and make food. He wants to live forever with us because he likes to be around us because He loves us…that is why He wants to give us eternal life.

Why do ppl bully and how can you have peace if you’re being bullied? How do we deal w bullies?

  • Nobody has to submit themselves to bullying. If you’re being bullied you’re free to not engage in that relationship. Be led by the desire in your heart. There may be no way around it though, maybe we work with them or go to school with them.
  • If you’re a parent make sure you are building the kid up and the relationship they see with your spouse is uplifting. The reason ppl bully is they feel a lack in their heart. Talk to the authorities if it is serious and not just say kids will be kids.
  • For parents – go to the heart and speak life. Pray for them.
  • Bullying is a form of persecution. There is the act of bullying and the effect bullying wants to have on our hearts. We don’t have to allow the act of bullying to effect our hearts. The worse impact is the effect it can have on our hearts.
  • Bullying is the fruit of self justification. They are trying to bring peace to themselves by tearing down others. This is the foundation for bullying. They feel unrighteous.
  • We all try to see if we are ok and acceptable. If we get bullied, it’s the word of the serpent. They need to be encouraged and counteract the bullying by coming with the word of God that you are acceptable. You want them to be able to say, that doesn’t define me.
  • It’s like a dog returning to their vomit we can see it’s cringeworthy but then be able to shake it off. A bully is the most insecure person.
  • As a parent, when the dog goes and eats their vomit, you don’t take that as a word about you. You don’t say you’re a bad parent. Establish your kids heart to say that their bullying has nothing to do with you it’s because of what’s going on with them.
  • Control in this world is an illusion. Focus on the one thing that is constant. Jesus.

Notes Posted from Dawn Warner by Lizzie

Greg Henry Sunday bible study: 28 May 2017 – Good boy bad boy

God dwells in innocence, He sees no religion eg. Christian, Muslim etc. He sees only individual people and their hearts. He sees His kids, what’s in their hearts and what they’re busy with, that is either hurting their hearts or it’s the same as what is in His heart. If He sees that they’re busy with something that is hurting their heart, He doesn’t make the distinction: well they’re Buddhist or Muslim etc, He just makes the distinction – that isn’t my life, that isn’t my wisdom. And when He sees somebody that’s busy with His life, wisdom, He get’s a big smile on His face, not because He likes them more (the way we would look at it-that’s a lie), but because He is pleased if someone believes on Jesus, because His dream for our lives is that we would have life and have it more abundantly– that’s why faith pleases God, because the only way you can know God as Abba and run into Abba’s arms, is if you have faith in your heart. If you don’t have faith in your heart, you will not see God as Abba, you will not run into His arms and experience His abundant life.

Knowing somebody as abba is when you see them as not having the ability to harm your life. They can only ever be for your life, you can see that they value your life so much, that they esteem your life over their own, they’ll rather lay down their own life, than see harm come to yours.

Faith pleases God because He wants more than anything to be our God, our Abba. So what makes Him happy is when our hearts cry out Abba and the only way that can happen is with faith dwelling in your heart

Adam ran from God when He felt naked and ashamed, when He saw death manifesting in his flesh. God knew that Adam’s sin and death couldn’t keep Him from loving him, he wanted Adam to cry out Abba. God was not happy that Adam couldn’t see Him as Abba any longer, He couldn’t see that God could only be good to him, even in that place.

Jesus came as the last Adam, He became ‘naked’ on the cross. He saw death manifesting in His flesh. He saw that He had an inability to clothe himself and didn’t enlist His ability to clothe himself. He cried out to Abba. He does what the first Adam couldn’t. He saw that God wouldn’t leave Him in the grave.

Adam, (unlike Jesus) didn’t see God as the Good Samaritan. He saw him as the thief.

All scripture has one aim – teaching us God is Abba.

History: His story

When you see God as Abba- your flesh rests.

Joh 13: Jesus washing Peter’s feet. Jesus washing their feet, demonstrating how the truth that is being made flesh in Him, was going to wash our walk, how we’re not going to walk in the way of the serpent anymore, but now we’re going to walk in the way of God’s righteousness. It’s got nothing to do with washing one another’s feet Let us teach the truth that was made flesh in Him- that is the washing of everyone’s feet, that’s how you serve someone.

The righteousness of God: When He finds someone in bondage to sin and death, He is moved with compassion towards them. His vengeance comes to destroy whatever is causing us pain.

You must find the definition of anything you want to define – in Jesus. God defined himself in Jesus. The correct interpretation of all scripture is Jesus. Jesus is like the Webster’s dictionary of the bible- if you want to know what it means- look it up in Jesus- John Fazio

Noah: God didn’t kill anybody. He sent the flood to kill sin and death- the flesh- not people!

He saw the suffering and wanted to destroy what was killing them. He sent the ark- to save people– anyone could have walked on. Noah- preacher of righteousness. For 120 years he pleaded with the people, but they condemned themselves to death. They didn’t want the salvation he came to give as a gift. They didn’t even have to build the boat themselves. Man wanted to give themselves life. No good thing dwells in the flesh. God saw the wickedness (labouring and toiling) of man was great. Because the were l. and t. to have life, they were suffering at the hand of death.

It repented God that He made men: in the Hebrew we see that it repented God that man was suffering greatly in the earth.

Noah, the flood and the ark is a picture of the end of the age of sin an death reigning in the earth. Jesus is the Ark just like in the days of Noah God saw the suffering of man was great because of their labouring and toiling and bondage to sin and death. It grieved God in His heart and He sent Jesus- because He is going to destroy sin and death. To alleviate our pain. He comes to take vengeance not on people, but on sin and death, because He wants to alleviate our suffering. But He doesn’t want us to perish with sin and death, so He sent Jesus so that we can be pitched within and without – just like Noah was by the ark. He wants to preserve our lives from the destruction that’s coming to sin and death when He’s is going to take sin and death out! He sent Jesus so that we can be preserved eternally in Him when sin and death perishes- Joh 3:16 For God so love the world…….

Judgement Joh 16: spirit of truth

God judged the prince of this world (not us). He says; listen- that guy’s kingdom is going to die. I don’t want you to try to find your refuge in his kingdom, because it’s going to perish for eternity. I don’t want you to find yourself in that kingdom. Yhe judgement is against that kingdom’s wisdom unto life and not because He’s angry at sinners. He is the friend of sinners and He wants sinners no longer not being able to partake in His life.

Now- you find trust in your heart towards such a God, you don’t have to be told to trust God (there’s a prick in your heart)

Being a sinner is not a person’s identity. It simply means- not a partaker of eternal life, to miss the mark. We think the mark is that God wants our behaviour to line up perfectly. The mark is: God has a dream for your life- that you can live with Him for all eternity and He can spend all eternity loving you with every ounce of His being- but they’re dying- they’ve missed the mark. So He comes to them (Good Samaritan) to give them oil and wine, to nurture them. To be with them in the midst of their darkness so that He can love them unto believing on Him for life and then He can spend all eternity loving them.

Sinner – has no life, saint- has life dwelling in them.- not good boy bad boy.

(When the bible talks about trees it talks about wisdoms- not people. So the ax to the tree does not talk about God cutting away, destroying people, but the wisdom of the serpent being cut away.)

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