Grace Roundup Week of 7/30/17

Grace Roundup Week of 7/30/17

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7/30 – Bonded Together In Peace

There will be times we all will be caught up in a fault. The Spirit bonds us together in peace throughout it though.

How can we bonded together in peace despite our faults and struggles?

** Can we come to church without putting the mask on? Many times when we’re caught up in a fault many in church will judge and say aren’t you a Christian? The place we should be able to come and not be put down is the church.

What ends up happening is we’re all broken but trying to act like we’re perfect. We try to get perfect before coming to church when the church is the place we should be able to come when we are broken.

James said confess your faults to one another. We’re not supposed to feel like we need to build a wall.

You don’t have to put on your own armor. God has clothed you in Jesus.

** Real Christians sit at the feet of Jesus. Don’t put burdens on ppl saying real Christians act like Jesus. Nobody will confess their faults if that’s how it is which will further enforce the faults.

Jesus weeps for ppl who feel they can’t bring their faults to ppl in the church.

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