Grace Roundup Week of 7/9/17

Grace Roundup Week of 7/9/17

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7/9 – The Carnal Mind Crucified

Your sin can’t taint what the Father wants to do with your life. Adam thought it did.

Mind renewal happens to us, it’s not something we do. When you see the faith Jesus had and what he believed about God, Himself and the life He shared with God.

It means something when you call God Abba. That shaped all His thoughts about God.

When you think about God and yourself the way Jesus did you start experiencing the life of a son.

The things Adam thought didn’t come from God.

The carnal mind said God can’t stand to look upon sinners, but Jesus ate with sinners. They took his breath away per Ezekiel 16. He was saying I’m with them by eating with them.

A conscious stained by sin says God has turned his back on me because of my sin, feel separated from God and that they have been left to deal with their sin themselves.

** It’s impossible for the carnal mind to trust God. It can’t see that God will only be good to you. It thinks God will be you based on your behavior.

See how this message can bring forth belief in a person’s heart w out telling them that they have to believe?

The carnal mind says you have to Father your own life.

God didn’t test Abe or Jesus. He proved them to be who He said they were. That is understanding their lives in the proper context.

Romans 12 – be transformed – don’t take on the conclusions of the carnal mind of your life, about God, and His intentions for you.

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