Jamie Englehart “The Many Faces of Jesus” Message & Notes

Jamie Englehart “The Many Faces of Jesus” Message & Notes

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My Notes

2 Cor. 3:7 – talks about the law

2 Cor. 4:6 – talks about Jesus

Whatever reflection I have of Jesus is my perception of myself and others…even if it’s wrong.

Story of sheets not bleached. A lady thought her neighbor didn’t know how to use bleach until the windows were washed :). Speaks to perception.

Acts 15 – brothers let us not tempt God. We are saved by grace.

Mount of Transfiguration – Peter wants to build temples for all 3…then the Father says hear ye Him.

We need to learn how to be childlike but not childish.

God doesn’t run away from sin. Look at how Jesus dealt w sinners.

Lazarus – came out of the grave and he needed to be unwrapped. Most don’t get unwrapped today. Most get tied up in more bondage and thrown back in the grave under the law.

The biggest struggle is not learning but unlearning.

** Jesus is perfect theology. God has always looked like Jesus, we just didn’t know it.

Let God remove all the veils. Study Jesus. Remember he was speaking to ppl under the law.

Jesus will never tell one of his sons and daughters He never knew you.

Watch how Jesus treated ppl.

When you see Jesus clearly you will see yourself & others clearly.

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