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This book gives you the simple truth about God in the easiest way to understand. With a focused theme throughout, you'll learn the true character and nature of God like never before yet still be challenged in ways you've never been. So what's the one thing you need to know about God? Download the book today to find out!


What People Are Saying

About the Book

“Dave never ceases to amaze me. So proud of him.”

Sade Champagne

“Good book! Let's go! So excited about this!”

Pastor Josh Shockey


What’s Inside the Book?

Part 1: The Thing About God

You'll learn about the first thing, the one and only thing you need to know about God and how that correlates with the real thing.

Part 2: What Is God Really Like?

Take a deep dive in to the character and true nature of God through several examples in the Bible and personal testimonies.

Part 3: How Can We Stay On Path?

Get  clear direction for staying on path in your walk with God. Putting the confusion to rest, you'll be able to enjoy where you are no matter the circumstance and have a confident expectation in God.

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Plus You Get a Free Study Guide For Yourself Or To Use In a Small Group!

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